Perspective Fotos

Birthdate: May 2nd 1974
Location: Toledo
Occupation: Living Every Moment

As you can see my web site isn't up to par with most sites out
there, but it does seem to flow pretty smooth. Well to start the
story correct I would like to send a special thank you to my wife (Lisa) for
supporting what I do and how I do it. When I first got into photography
I wasn't much of an artist (not saying that I am one now)but I
knew how to look at an object/subject in a way that the average
person would not even think of. I hoped that even though some
of the shots I took would only appeal to me that maybe just
maybe there might be someone out there just as confuse...
I mean artistic as I was. So for the past few years I've captured
shots of nature, scenery, cemetaries and the occasional
daughter here and there (prom stuff yuck) and figured I should put
some of my work online for the world to see. Enjoy the pics -
I'll have more up as soon as I find more of those "special" moments.